Scintilla (n.) a tiny, brilliant flash or spark

We drifted out of the restaurant, high on laughter & the spirit of God’s goodness. Ours was a loud group that probably seemed drunk, but that was the furthest from the truth. We were filled to the brim with joy & love & goodness, and to be honest, we were basking in the blessing that God has made of our short lives thus far. The past two hours had been made up of laughs & stories, jokes & sarcastic comments.

We fit together so well. It’s uncanny to think that we’ve known each other for a few months; some of us have only met in the past few weeks, days even. We are not your typical group of friends; in fact, we have more of a Breakfast Club feel. We come from different backgrounds, and all of us have different views on life. There is no rhyme or reason to the assortment of kids coming to Florida to be a part of something new.

We all have our issues & our complexes. I’m not exaggerating when I say none of us have a clue what we’re doing. We know our strengths & our dreams & our God-giftings. But we cannot possibly imagine what God is going to do in this town, in this season, and in this church. At this point, we show up & ask what our jobs are & enjoy the mess out of it.

As we crossed the street to the beach, I saw the most breathtaking sight. A full moon had just risen over the eastern sky, and its reflection in the wavering ocean was huge. It looked like something out of a picture. It made me want to howl just for the fun of it. It was so perfect, so pure. We stood & stared at it for I don’t know how long.

And when we finally walked away, I looked up into the sky.

I’m such a wanderer by nature. I wander off of paths. I wander when I read. I wander through crowds. And I’m often unaware of the fact that I am far from where I’m supposed to be. The rest of my group was walking away, but I was stuck to the pavement, looking up at all of these stars that seemed too big & too close. Gazing at the night sky, I felt so full, as if God had opened up the heavens & poured out all of His heart into mine.

Oftentimes, I think I am living my life with too much wandering & not enough direction. I feel that I am too flighty, too all over the place. And then I stop, and I look at the stars, and I am reminded of all those Israelites wandering through the wilderness.

They looked at these stars, too, these exact stars, wondering if they would ever make it. They, too, had to have felt they were so far from where they needed to be. It may have felt like they had no direction, but God was taking them somewhere. He was taking them to the Promised Land.

I saw a shooting star.

I started jumping up & down, screaming at my friends who were too far down the beach to hear me anymore. I just saw a shooting star! I really did! It was a real shooting star!

That’s all we are, in reality. Blips on the radar. Slivers of eternity. Flowers in the field. Here today, gone tomorrow. Shooting stars are all we are.

But shooting stars outshine all the others. They are brighter & far more mesmerizing than all the other stars. And though I may feel like a wanderer now, it’s only for a second. God is going to do great things. And so long as I keep walking, He will keep doing what I never could have imagined.

Wait & hope for & expect the Lord; be brave & of good courage & let your heart be stout & enduring. Yes, wait for & hope for & expect the Lord.

Psalm 27:14 (AMPC)

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