Why Do The Flowers Even Matter?

Why, indeed?

I love flowers. Plants. Green & blue & red & yellow & white. My childlike heart aches that I don’t have a home full of greenery. And the thing is, we are moving, and I have no reason to buy more plants & pots & bags of soil. But there it is. I stalk a local flower shop on Instagram, letting myself be taunted by artfully arranged pictures of fiddle leaf fig trees. And as the mother-of-the-bride offered bouquets to the wedding clean-up crew this weekend, I pounced.

I took a massive wreath that has already wilted all over my front steps. I snatched an arrangement three times the size of my head, knowing full well that I didn’t have a vase big enough for it.

But I was over the moon at my flowers. They smell heavenly, and every morning as I wake, they fill me with a new burst of life & love & laughter . . .

Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic. But you get it.

And as I swept up petals from the front steps, I almost started crying that I was about to throw away my flowers. Which got me thinking, Why do they matter so much?

I’ve recently finished a book, Captivating, and it has brought me to some incredible revelations. You see, God made women for beauty. He created us to be the final piece, the coup de grâce of creation. Creation was perfect, but it was not good until woman was formed; in other words, everything was pristine & exactly how it should be. But not what it could be. Because God created woman to be the incarnation of His beauty to the world.

And you know I’m not talking about skin-beauty. Surface level-beauty. You know that’s far from what I’m getting at.

My mom may not wear makeup every day; she prefers to keep things like that simple. But have you ever been inside of her home? It is beautifully decorated, full of art & lovely little things. You walk into my mom’s house, and you feel at home with the kids’ homeschool art hanging everywhere & inviting blankets strewn about the couches. My mom makes her home beautiful, because God wired her to do so.

My grandmother & my mother-in-love have fantastic gardens. Every year right before Easter, weather permitting, my grandmother buys flowers in all colors so that her backyard is beautiful for pictures. She tends her flowers & makes that backyard a picture of pretty. My mother-in-love’s “Secret Garden” is a retreat in itself, with vines & flowering plants surrounding you in a little clearing behind her home. There is a sense of peace you feel when you step across the threshold into that space. God created them to bring forth beauty.

My aunt always has yummy food laying around that everyone is welcome to. My sister writes stories full of love. My sister-in-love paints & draws & fills the world with color.  My baby sister dances around in frilly dresses. My granny makes the most incredible red velvet cakes. My best friend sings like an angel.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. God has built us to bring forth life & to make it all beautiful. So yes, the flowers matter. They absolutely matter.

Because beauty points us to God.


Check out next week’s post for more on this topic!



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