My Favorite Color is October

It happened so quickly, too.

One second, the sun was bearing down on my back, and beads of sweat raced down my neck. One second, the air was hot & stifling. One second, it was summer.

And then it collapsed.

A crisp wind filled the air. The sun felt a little more gentle. I lay on a red checkered blanket in the park with my little sister & felt autumn creeping in on the edges of the wood. Anna jumped up as the wind blew, singing her words.

The leaves are falling! Nora, it’s here! It’s happening! Fall is here! 


And I got up & danced with her.

Because there is something so beautiful in this season that changes everything.

I can see a group of anxious people boarding a ship bound for a land they had never seen. On September 6, 1620, one hundred and two English men, women, & children left their homes to find a new land, a world where they could live free & find their fortunes. Over two months later, on November 9, 1620, land was spotted, and shortly after they stepped foot on a land on the cusp of winter. Half of them would die before spring opened its crusty eyes.

But that one ship sailing on the autumn seas ushered in a new era. That ship weighing anchor next a harvest wood opened doors to the new world.

Maybe people start making changes & resolutions in January, but October is my new beginnings month. It is as if the earth is taking one last, big breath, filling its lungs with good things. As if the world has been saving up everything for this finale.

I stop & remind myself that life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

{F. Scott Fitzgerald}

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