& I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World

I still can’t believe I am the one who suggested we eat at Ruby’s Diner.


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It takes the perfect mood for me to want American diner food, with all of its beautiful, greasy goodness. When I am traveling, I insist on a pretty standard meal, like coconut water & a protein bar. Never am I ever the one to insist we get burgers.

But I did. Eating is an ordeal for Jed & I, simply because we love to do it. We are the couple that will only return to a restaurant multiple times because we have fallen in love with it; otherwise, we want a different place with different flavors. So as we sat on the plane descending into Houston, we were contemplating what lunch would be.

What if we ate at that Panda place?

But we had Chinese food yesterday. I can’t do it again. 

There is that place we stopped at one time, where Chili’s used to be. I bet they have salads or something you would like. 

And then I turned to Jed & said, What about Ruby’s?

I wish I could show you a picture of his face. We ate at Ruby’s for breakfast several years ago, and the eggs, bacon & hash browns did not settle with this girl once she hit 30,000 feet. The fact that I suggested it made me do a double take. But I did, and we decided to find it as soon as we had made it through customs.

We were served in typical airport-fashion: quickly. Within ten minutes, Jed had a BBQ hamburger & I dug into some delicious chicken tenders. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t had friend chicken in so long, or perhaps I was just that hungry, but the food was pretty incredible. I remember sitting across from Jed thinking, I am so glad a picked this place. 

Jed got up to go to the bathroom, and I sat sipping my sugar-rimmed glass of lemonade, perfectly pleased with life. Airports are like cocaine for me, with all of the people. I adore sitting & watching & listening & making up stories about the crowds around me. So I leaned back & observed the half-full restaurant. There was a group of rowdy guys flirting with the waitress in her red & white dress. A mom with her two blonde babies, one of them strapped to her chest & the other in a buggy. A lonely lady ordering a milkshake in front of me. A waiter dancing in the kitchen as his co-workers all laughed at his expense. A woman eating her chicken tenders with a fork & knife.

I started to hum to myself.

The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky

Are also on the faces of people going by 

I see friends shaking hands, saying, How do you do?

They’re really saying, I love you

It’s one of those songs that has sensory triggers in my head, and in moments where I am people watching, it starts to play.

And I looked up at the elderly woman sitting by herself with her milkshake, nothing else, thank you. She waved an elegant hand at the waiter who was dancing, and he hurried around the bar & bent over at the waist to hear her.

I’ll take the check now. 

Oh, don’t worry about it, ma’am. It’s on me. 

She looked at him, bewilderment on her face, Well . . . Are you sure?

He smiled broadly, Yes ma’am. You have a wonderful day. 

And he sped away, grabbing more orders & serving more people.

I watched as the lady shouldered her purse & lifted the handle on her suitcase & walked out of the restaurant. The waiter kept on moving, as if he hadn’t just made the world a brighter place. I looked around, wondering if anyone else had witnessed it, but I seemed to have been the only one. I smiled to myself, so blessed to have been a part of that moment, even if I was just a silent observer.

The world is such a wonderful place, but often we can forget it when we are surrounded by all the hate & violence.

Sometimes, You have a wonderful day, is actually, I love you. 

And sometimes, the people that hear, You have a wonderful day, are blessed by hearing the sound of that secret, I love you.

You never know who is sitting in the restaurant, watching you.

So get out there & make this world wonderful.



2 thoughts on “& I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World”

  1. Love this!

    That he did it without knowing you could see it. Talk about service!

    Please keep writing!!!


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